Corona Induced Activities I Never Thought I’d Do

1. No bra martial law. Now that the girls have been set free, they’ll protest against the bonds of a knocker locker.

2. With zero chance of visitors, I’ve dropped my standards to the lowest common denominator (home school speak for you Mama’s). Comfort clothes for the win. The older, the uglier, the better.

3. Wearing the same cast-off clothes for days. Sniff it, whiff it, good to go. Like college, minus the fun.

4. Mixing Nyquil with my cocktail for our friend zoom. No one’s pointing a finger at this cough-y drinker.

5. Goddamn puzzles, irritating yet addictive. Absolutely no pleasure for a non-spatial girl who gets lost in her own neighbourhood.

6. Due to airline shutdowns, our toes are sinking into snow instead of sand. Farewell Hawaiian holiday scheduled to depart this weekend.

7. Who knew we’d say “Kids, I hope you grow up to be a grocery store worker.” The newest heroes on the front line.

8. Before: the fear of running into friends at the grocery store with no makeup. After: the fear of running into a ransacked store and all that’s left is de-brie.

9. Stashing chocolate and mommy’s secret sauce away from family. 🍷

10. Forcing the kids to play with ME. My, how the tables have turned!

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  1. Bonnie

    Thanks for the smile today . Stay healthy girls! ❤️

  2. Ken MacLean

    Superb. Good to see that liquor stores are considered an essential service.

  3. Terri

    Home school speak made me laugh out loud! Miss you girls!
    Thanks for laughs.

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