How To Shape And Trim Your Brows During Covid

Botox Or Bangs

Feeling pretty is a full time job, which is why I work part time... Botox vs. bangs is a question of commitment. Refueling every six months is a bling thing,…


You say bathrobe, I say wrap dress. I’ve always admired people who cultivate a personal style and stick to it. Diversity is what saves us from becoming stepford wives. My…

Wax On, Pluck Off

Sure, my life isn't perfect… But my hair is, and let’s face it, that’s what really counts. As I sit idly at a stoplight, for the umpteenth time that day, my fingers…

Nip ‘n Tuck

Plastic surgeons are renowned for making mountains out of molehills. I bet their front doors have big knockers. Although I have no plans (aka throw down cash) in my immediate…

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