Elf On A Shelf – Police Blotter

The Ultimate Bag Lady

Raise your hand if you’ve stood in a checkout line, patiently waiting for a little old lady to pay? Rummaging through her giant handbag, she slowly unzips every zipper in…

Happy Hallo’Wine

If there’s something strange, in your neighborhood…who you gonna call? SANGRIA SISTERS! As self-proclaimed dress up queens, we go balls to the costume wall. While some babes sport pigtails and…

In My Younger Days

🔸 20 Something: I flirted my way out of a traffic ticket by inching a mini skirt into a micro skirt, exploiting my glorious gams. We’re talking seatbelt, speeding, and…

If Men Had A Uterus

1. Going forward, Aunt Flo's visits will be man-dated to 3-5 business days, open on weekends. 2. Masculine hygiene commercials would depict a hockey slash/gash crime scene with blood flowing…

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