Sangria Sisters Confessional

The Liabilities of Being a Lefty

For thousands of years, left-handers were branded with a scarlet letter L. Deemed weak, luciferian, and mercilessly persecuted, while the almighty right-handers ruled the roost. By the 1960’s, corporal punishment…

Partners In Grime

By virtue of our vag, women are born into a life of servitude. Clean the latrine Cinderella. Febreze ‘til you wheeze Cinderella. This suzy homemaker is officially lowering the bar.…

In My Younger Days

🔸 20 Something: I flirted my way out of a traffic ticket by inching a mini skirt into a micro skirt, exploiting my glorious gams. We’re talking seatbelt, speeding, and…

Inappropriate Much?

If you know what rabbit ears and tinfoil have in common, book a colonoscopy tout suite! We grew up in the socially oblivious, footloose and fancy free era of entertainment.…

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