How We Survived The Zombie Apocalypse

When I find myself in times of trouble, wine and camembert comfort me, slurring words of wisdom, let it brie….

How did a 3 day weekend morph into 10 days of quarantine? Fuck if we know, but at the time of implosion, Fairmont sheltered us from the storm.

Anxiety, uncertainty, alarm. I’ll take “unprecedented history” for $1000, Alex. IT just hit me, Stephen King’s The Stand came from his crystal ball.

Over the past week, we’ve lifted our spirits with spirits, doubled our wine intake, embraced ice cream, chocolate, chips, and charcuterie as our constant companions. My underwear hugs me tighter and tighter as if to say THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

COVID-19 came in cocky, aiming to outshine all other global meltdowns. Step aside hurricanes, second planes, Ben Johnson’s 100 metre debacle. There’s a new sheriff in town.

However, no respectable pandemic wants to be saddled with a ‘Charmageddon’ legacy. Every infectious diseases’ PR nightmare. We say suck it coronavirus, the joke is on you!

Heavy shit calls for lightness. Have a laugh, talk on the phone, connect remotely, be patient, stay kind, ask for a hand up (figuratively, of course), maintain perspective. We’re in this together people!

Everything will be alright in the end…
If it’s not alright,
It’s not the end!

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