Author: Sangria Sisters

Are You Talkin’ To Me?

Sealed With A Kiss

Lori: My very first kiss was in kindergarten. While heading outside for playtime, he startled me with a bird-peck right on the beak. Unbeknownst to me, the decoy was designed…

Acronyms Anonymous

1. ACNP ⭐ Adult Children (of) Normal Parents 🌛 As a rule, attendance at the yearly AGM is predictably very low. 2. DHR ⭐ Double Hip Replacement 🌛 Talking to…

A Pain In The Ass

When I was young, I assumed that when I got old, my body and mind would inevitably go to pot. Inexperienced me thought everyone died of “old age,” so up…

Feelgood New Year’s Goals

What words describe the past few years? Uncertainty, intolerance, division, and fear. A global kick-in-the ass seems long overdue, Humanity is suffering, so what can we do? Kill them with…

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