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Relatable and real, Lori and Val share how life isn’t always rosé behind the white picket fence. They trust tackling life’s highs and lows with humour is better than punching it in the throat.

The Sisters champion women and causes close to their heart. After the loss of  their Dad and Lori’s husband, they joined forces with Ovarian Cancer Canada to kick cancer in the cooter. Val is a proud ambassador for Mealshare and Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids whose goal is to end youth hunger.

In 2019, Kyla Brennan joined our creative team. With her wit and colourful language, she blends in perfectly. Our goal is to spread joy and kindness every damn day.

Lori McGillivray


Words used to describe me:

  • OMG LOL Witty
  • Sarcastic
  • Outgoing
  • Smart
  • Therapist
  • Artistic
  • Mischievous
  • Lovable (thanks Mom)
  • Stubborn (No I’m not)
  • Excellent driver

I have one daughter and a dog named Martini. My husband Scott lost his battle with cancer in 2018.

I need yoga, chai lattes, girlfriends and a nice car.

I enjoy golfing, travel, makeup, and buying shoes.

I want more energy, comfortable jeans, patience, and a higher butt.

Val MacLean


Words used to describe me:

  • Queen Bee
  • Social
  • Peaceful
  • Strong
  • Fun loving
  • Loyal
  • Julie the cruise director
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi wise
  • Funny (apparently not witty like Lori)
  • Champion of women

I have one on-the-go hubby and two amazing boys.

I need music, girl’s night out, family, worshipping at the church of yoga.

I enjoy parties, live bands, golf, reading, travel, cooking (entertaining not every day).

I hope to use my powers for good.

Kyla Brennan

Words used to describe me:

  • Compassionate
  • Insightful
  • Loyal
  • Adventurous
  • Generous
  • Methodical
  • Extremely stubborn
  • Organized
  • Witty

I am a retired psychiatric nurse who is grateful to play instead of work. I’m excited if my favourite tea mug is in the front row of the cupboard – my husband says I’m easily amused.

I have a recently retired husband and two ginger children – one of each kind.

I need family, friends, music, books, walks, yoga, a well equipped kitchen.

I enjoy cooking, entertaining, golf, travel, curling, writing, wine.

I hope to always be easily amused.

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