Time For Another Edition of “What The Hell Is Happening To My Body!”

Welcome to 55+, known to us crusty cool cats as the corn husk years. The era where your body demands attention, akin to a cactus with a flair for the dramatic. This stage of age calls for heavy hydration, perspective, and a wry sense of humour. You’re not half-assing anymore, you’ve gone full-ass droughty.

🌵 I know we’ve talked about unwanted hair before, so I won’t bore you with details of a newly found black strand…on my earlobe.

🌵 I’m not overly fond of my new Mr. McGoo progressive glasses. The naked eye is a much better liar.

🌵 The sheer number of barnacle moles on my hull should qualify me as Captain of the S.S. B-Yacht’ch.

🌵 How many times can I tweak something, by doing nothing?

🌵 I wish all my social outings were equipped with closed captioning options.

🌵 My snagglepuss feet were a little nasty before, but now I’m creepin’ fresh from the crypt, with nails so impenetrable my clippers are fitted with safety goggles.

🌵 Forcing layers of creams and oils onto my skin while muttering, “It rubs the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.”

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