We’ve Got The #Ladyballs To Tackle Ovarian Cancer

If you ever wondered what’s the flip side of hang-loose, try riding the Big C wave. Last fall, our family was hit by a cancer swell that threatened to pull us under.

In a few short months the sun set on Lori’s husband Scott and his final days, our bff’s bowel went bananas, and a 21-year-old dynamo resigned herself to radiation.

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. Scott’s battle ended peacefully, but our besties paddled back. Strong women, SURVIVORS, who get by with a little help from their friends.

The Sangria Sisters blog has scuffled with skin cancer, berated breast cancer, and now we tackle the ovarian outlaw.

We have the ladyballs to kick ovarian cancer in the cooter. Knowledge is power. Here’s what you need to know!

What are #ladyballs

Ladyballs are our ovaries, but more accurately describe the grit, guts, and moxie of women living with this disease. Gonads or go home!

The facts:

Ovarian cancer is the MOST FATAL women’s cancer in Canada.

There is no reliable screening test, and no vaccine to prevent it. 1 out of every 2 women diagnosed will not live past five years. This year, an estimated 2,800 Canadian women will be diagnosed.

Don’t let cancer #teal third base!

What to watch for:

Signs of ovarian cancer are notoriously difficult to detect and are easily overlooked. Common symptoms include bloating, difficulty eating, abdominal discomfort, and change in urinary habits.

If new symptoms persist for three weeks or longer, speak to your doctor. Time is of the essence [lady] dick dock, dick dock!

We have the #ladyballs to ask for millions:

We’re honoured to be part of THE LADY BALL 2019 – Calgary – organizing committee. If you have any experiences or items to donate, the first 🍷 is on us!

Money raised will help fund new treatments and research – in particular, reliable screening tests and genetic research, as well as provide support and increase awareness.

SAVE THE DATE: MAY 23rd, 2019
Tickets on sale now!

Website: THE LADY BALL 2019
Instagram: ovariancancercanada
Twitter: @OvarianCanada

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