Things to Teach Your Daughter

By Brittany Latham

Written by a brutally real mom that curses.

Learn to drive a stick. Even if you never use it- It’s cool, okay.

It is okay if your goal in life is to be a homemaker.

It is also okay if your goal in life is to climb the corporate ladder.

Men ain’t shit.. It isn’t necessarily true but it will help you get over him.

Some men are. If you find one that is- be good to him.

That one that only gives you butterflies and makes you all nervous inside; He isn’t the one.

The one that makes you all nervous inside AND feels as comfortable as a worn in pair of jeans- He is.

You’re beautiful at a size 2 or 22.

Your steak should be like your heart- tender.

It’s okay to dislike a food but only after you try it.

If you have found one true friend in your life you have found more than most. Love her.

Take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

Take an art appreciation class. You will see the world differently.

See the world.

If you say no and he doesn’t stop kill him.

Eat the pie and wear the two piece.

Wear the sunscreen. Like starting now.

He’s not an ATM.

You also do not owe him for buying dinner.

Take a self defence class.

You’re going to char the first few meals.

If he doesn’t eat them like a gourmet dish he isn’t the one.

Find the oldest person in the room and ask them about their life.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Social media is fake, even your own.

Work out your own salvation. Let them judge.

Imitation is not flattery, it’s annoying.

If you are ever at a party and you feel uncomfortable; call your mom.

It’s okay to be bossy. Leadership is beautiful.

Reign in that bossy streak and lead in love.

Learn to walk in heels as naturally as you walk barefooted.

The whole, “bad bitch” thing. It’s stupid.

Normal is just a setting on the dryer.

Be a free thinker.

Don’t watch the news, it’s scary.

Read instead. Knowledge is power.

Never accept a drink that you didn’t watch be made.

Crying is cleansing. God counts your tears.

Give. It feels good.

It’s okay to ask for help.

Don’t choke the new hairdresser. Your hair WILL grow back.

Pedicures. You’re welcome.

If given the choice between being angry or showing grace. Choose grace. Everytime.

If it isn’t a 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love you don’t want it.

Mean makes you ugly no matter what you look like.

People are cruel, love them anyway.

Two cups of sugar make the best sweet tea.

Use the timer when cooking. Trust me.

Ladies. do. not. fight.


I am not your worst enemy.

I am your biggest fan.

Men ain’t shit. In case you need to get over another one.

I would tell you that ladies do not curse but that would make your mother a man.

It may not seem like it now but I am that best friend I told you about.


Brittany Latham is an internationally published photographer, writer, soul searcher, and mother of three.

Facebook Brittany Latham Photography
Instagram latham.brittany

Photo cred 📸: My beautiful daughter Abby 💕

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  1. Jodi

    Great advise. Should have had that advise 40 years ago!!!!

  2. Bonnie

    Love this! Such great life advice ❤️

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