It’s Been A Year Since You’ve Gone

Scott McGillivray
July 16, 1961 – October 27, 2018

It’s been a year since you’ve gone
My heart is still broken
I sleep on your side of the bed
So I don’t feel the emptiness
Time keeps flying by
Which is good, I guess
I am happy now
But on days like today,
It doesn’t show
I miss holding your hand
And kissing you
And hearing that you love me
But you’re with me
As you watch over Abby
I can feel it
So I smile
As I exhale
I’m grateful for all the goodness in my life
And the lessons I keep learning
Moving forward
Each step takes me in the right direction
Each day is a new beginning,
And each year is to be celebrated
It’s been a year since you’ve gone
That day is almost upon us
But I won’t give it any power
To wash over me
My soul will be dancing in your arms
Feeling blessed to have had you in my life.

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  1. Bonnie

    Thinking of you Lori and Abby ❤️

  2. Ken

    Beautiful poetry.

  3. Teri

    Lovely words Lori. Hugs to you and Abby! Scott was very special and is missed.

  4. Margot

    That was lovely Lori! I send you my love and my strength and know you will find solace in the warm and loving memories you and Scott made together. Continue being brave, you wonderful grrrl, and know that you are never alone, for Scott lives with you and through you and resides in your heart forever until you find each other again somewhere in the cosmos. Take care <3

  5. Tammi

    You are amazing … ❤️

  6. Jodi

    Oh lori. This is beautiful. It’s just quite a feeling .. thinking of you and I love you so much

  7. Kathy

    Thinking of you … what a beautiful expression of love and remembrance.

  8. Lesley

    Beautifully written, Lori. Sending warm thoughts to you and Abby. You are amazing.

  9. Roxanne

    Your words are beautifully written. Hugs to you and Abby.

  10. Laura

    Sending love to you both

  11. Norma Johnston

    So Beautifully expressed Lori …Scott is is forever with you and Abbey.

  12. Laurie Kindrachuk

    What a beautifully written message. Your courage and love is inspirational.

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