When I Win The Lottery

When I win the lottery, and I’m talkin’ a big fat sum
I’ll collect it in my Lambo, Gucci label on my bum
No need for the annuity, print my name on the giant cheque
Let Tiffany’s know that momma needs
A little sumthin’ for her neck.

The odds are that I’ll lose it, 70% in the first five years
Indulging in high-stakes gambling, hookers, blow, and beers
The rich won’t think I’m rich enough, but my friends will think its fine
When we’re touring the vineyards in Tuscany,
Swilling a shit-ton of Brunello wine.

I’ll build homes for the homeless, fund cures for all the cancers
Feed starving kids in Africa, rehabilitate exotic dancers
A titch will go to family, eliminating their biggest bill
The rest to our future retirement home, welcome to MacLeanville!

You’ll notice I said when, not if, for it’s only a matter of time
My pool boy tires from fanning me while I sip vodka/soda with lime
I’m going to hit the Jackpot, I can feel it in my soul
Till then you’ll find me at Plymouth Rock, cause that’s how Pilgrim’s roll.

Lori (Pilgrim) McGillivray xo

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