Roaring 20’s New Year’s Resolutions

Sisters tip: If you can’t achieve your New Year’s resolutions, lower your damn bar.  As we hurtle into the roaring 20’s and a squeaky clean slate, we present our Top 10 achievable resolutions…Sangria style!

1. Accept that my belly is FLAT. Only the L is silent.

2. Admit “I’m carrying tweezers in my car to tidy my beard” years old.

3. Adopt a what’s the point of cleaning if my family’s going to keep living here attitude.

4. Understand you can be intelligent, well-informed, and still forget what month it is.

5. Recognize it takes going through shit to realize some shit.

6. Volunteer my boobs as tribute in the battle of the bulge.

7. Thou shalt not judge, as thou hast fucked up too.

8. a) Get my finances in order, b) get finances.

9. Don’t be a drama llama ding dong.

10. Run to the fun!



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  1. Norma

    Happy New Year ( decade) … Enjoy your Blog … keep them coming
    Can totally relate …Say hi to Momma Pil

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