2024 New Year’s Nudges

On the first day of every year, humanity collectively fills with hope. Some dream of world peace, others (like me) simply wish to recall my motive for entering this room. Sometimes, twelve months of ‘getting by’ is an accomplishment in itself.

The past year flew by at a breakneck pace, so we kindly request 2024 adhere to the speed limit, and slow the fuck down. We’re no longer in a rush. Our mantra and nudges for this year:

“The magic you are looking for is in the work you’re avoiding.”

1. a) Get my finances in order, b) get finances.

2. Care for those rolls, moles, and holes. Address all health matters lickety split by booking appointments you keep putting off.

3. Embrace nudge words like energy, lightness, connection, shine, breathe.

4. Calculate the cost per wear for clothing purchases. #Girlmath allows you to splurge on denim, slippers, and bras with zero division.

5. Overcome the fear of rejection by submitting our stories for publication.

6. Break up with sugar (or limit to a weekend fling). We’ve had a long run, but I don’t see it ending well.

7. Step outside my Marlborough, New Zealand vineyard comfort zone.

8. Lori will attempt to cry more (IYKYK).

Welcome to the neighbourhood 2024 – WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

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  1. Jodi Bobenic

    I am always grateful for the reads.
    I love you both so much. Happy new year. Great advise.

  2. Joanne Cave

    Happy New Year, Sangrias!!

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