Productivity: A Multi-Slacker vs. The Busy Bee

If you ever wondered how you’d deal with a motherfuckin meltdown, now you know. In the past six weeks, your productivity has either shot through the roof or slunk to a sloth-like stupor. Rest assured, there’s no right or wrong. The kaleidoscope of personalities presents a welcome splash of colour!

Lori ✤ The Multi-Slacker

Braided my leg hair.

Dressed up my dog in lingerie because he wanted to feel pretty.

Adopted a new sleep time ~ 3:00 am to 10:30 am.

Did two sit-ups reaching for the remote.

Finished Season 3 of Ozark and seven episodes of Tiger King in one day.

Checked my horoscope to see what planet I can blame on my mood.

Finally put away laundry that’s been sitting folded in my basket for a week.

Googled ‘how to clean my oven’…but didn’t.

Tweezed my brows and did a facial.

Polished off all the heels of booze in my cabinet.

Kyla ✤ The Busy Bee

There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.

Up at 7:30 am.

Read the paper. Forecasters call for weather on Monday.

Baked blueberry bran muffins. My family would be muffin without me.

Wrote a handwritten card and mailed it to Mom.

Yoga’d to keep calm…om shanti om. Followed up with chips…nom nom nom.

Made chicken noodle soup for the meateaters and marinated lentil salad for the vegetarian.

Somebody’s been a good boy, so I went for a walk with my hubby.

4:00 pm – Must be 5 o’clock somewhere.

Made vegetarian chili with cornbread for dinner. When you combine wine with dinner, you get winner!

Val ✤ Depends on the day…goes either way

She believed she could, but she was tired so she didn’t.

The End

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  1. Ken MacLean

    A cup of a coffee and a chuckle from the Sisters. I cannot remember the last time I was a good boy and taken for walk unless that is code and then I still cannot remember:)

  2. T

    Omg! You guys kill it every time! Thanks for the laughs!

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