Let It F***ing Go

“So I just decided to let it go,” said no woman ever.

When my husband and I argue, I have the damndest time letting go. I’ll come out swinging with sarcasm, uppercut with a bitchy barb, and when he least expects it, a kick to the nuts with ancient history. He never knows what hit him. Why can’t I roll with the punches, and let that shit go?

As the old saying goes, dysfunctional is a family with more than one person in it. Families are tricky ‘cause they can all be pricky. Like it or not, it’s not easy to move forward unless you let go. We hand over the controls so our kids can take flight. We say goodbye to parents ready to rest in peace. We bear bad blood with siblings whom we can only agree to disagree.


Women may not hit harder, but they hit lower. Toxic friendships are a poor investment, as there’s no return on a one-sided relationship. Know when to cash in your chit and slice ‘er loose. When you cut someone off, chances are, they handed you the scissors.

Then there are times when we don’t mean to let go. One of the deepest regrets on our deathbed is wishing we’d stayed in touch. It all comes down to love and relationships in the end. Hold on loosely to old friends, but never let go.


As the author of my life, I kick myself for not writing in pencil so I could erase my boner moves and mistakes. It doesn’t make sense to judge the past when I don’t live there anymore. How are we supposed to start a new chapter if we keep re-reading the old ones?

I’m notorious for letting negative nelly’s get under my skin. Despite the countless compliments, all I hear is the wail of one whiny bitch. I aspire to one day file it under “F” for how many fucks I don’t give.


The sheer volume of emotions to let go stretches to infinity and beyond. Grudges, grief, anger, hurt feelings, fear, guilt, blame, resentment; the list goes on and on. It’s liberating, and necessary, to empty our venom vials before the fault line ruptures into a 9.5 on the Richter scale.

Not only does emotional baggage weigh us down, letting go of negativity creates more room for love. For every minute you’re angry, you lose 60 seconds of happiness. We have to learn to forgive others. Not because they’ve earned it, but because we deserve peace.

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10 To Zen
1. Let go of comparing
2. Let go of competing
3. Let go of judgment
4. Let go of anger
5. Let go of regrets
6. Let go of worrying
7. Let go of blame
8. Let go of guilt
9. Let go of fear
10. Have a good belly laugh at least once a day

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  1. Lisa

    Amen Sista’s…
    10 to Zen will have a special place on my bathroom mirror✌️

  2. Lesley

    I woke up this morning and read this. I know it will be a great day now Thanks for the great read.

  3. Ken

    did I hear that letting go part correctly?

  4. Heidi

    Loved it, my mantra for the day, then maybe the next, baby steps for me!

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