Daddy’s Girl

I love my parents equally the same,
My Dad was the one who chose my name.
He didn’t know then he’d only have daughters,
Girls with parallel traits of their father.
I’m a daddy’s girl.

I tried harder to garner Dad’s attention,
It wasn’t enough for honourable mention.
Never did he favour one over the other,
I’m told I’m a lot more like my mother.
But I’m a daddy’s girl.

Working my magic with sarcastic dry wit,
I’d do my best to emulate him in skit.
Knowing my audience would never applaud,
I seek only his infamous, quiet head nod.
‘Cause I’m a daddy’s girl.

As I grew older and started to date,
The bar was set high when choosing a mate.
Characteristics like Dad’s were top on my list,
Okay, that’s sounds creepy but you get the gist.
I’m just a daddy’s girl.

When my sister and I had kids of our own,
He displayed more affection than he’s ever shown.
The best Grandpa one could ever ask for,
I’ve moved down to 4th for those keeping score.
I’m still a daddy’s girl.

Family life is full of highs and lows,
It’s not always easy but that’s how it goes.
I don’t have regrets when it comes to my Dad,
I’m grateful for all the time that we had.
I’m forever a daddy’s girl.

It’s been one year, plus a day,
Since my Father passed away.
I still find it hard to let go of,
The absence of his unconditional love.
I was a daddy’s girl.


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  1. Lisa

    So beautiful…so heartfelt and beautiful! Amazing tribute ❤️

  2. Heidi

    That was beautiful Val and Lori, brought a tear to my eye, as my Dad passed a month today.
    Beautiful memories to have and to hold.✨

  3. Joanne Cave


  4. Bonnie

    such a beautiful poem

  5. Pamela

    Thank you Val & Lori for this perfect poem.
    Even though we have never met I truly feel a connection with you two ladies.
    It is 7 years minus 1 day since my Dad passed away.
    I miss him everyday.

    • Sangria Sisters

      Thank you for reaching out Pamela! Your words are exactly what I needed to hear today!

      I guess we will always feel a little bit empty. Makes sense when you’re missing a piece of your heart!

  6. Catherine

    I read this poem through tears but with a smile. It brought back memories close to my heart as I was a daddy’s girl too and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Thanks so much for making me slow down and reminisce a while and thanks to our dads for making us so proud to be daddy’s girls.

  7. Leslie

    Beautiful Really beautiful……..first couple of years are so reflective and glad that’s not just me…
    Always love your posts : )

  8. Dawn

    What a beautiful poem girls xoxo

  9. ford bruce

    Well done. Left me teary eyed. Don’t think the sad part will ever go away_ maybe it shouldn’t.

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