Favourite Things 2018…Sangria Style 🍷

1. BrüMate

To have and to hold…and keep your wine cold. BrüMate is a wine canteen that keeps your bottle chill for 24 hours. Includes two adult sippy cups. Ideal for camping, picnics, road trips (designated driver not included).

2. Reverse Advent Calendar…Sangria Style

Temper Christmas madness with an act of kindness. Pay it forward, make a difference, feed your soul!

3. Wordfest

From Kelly Oxford to Ken Dryden to Dick Lit’s trivia nights, Wordfest is a riot! Dive into wordy goodness with your favourite authors, celebrities, and heroes. [Wine friendly!] 🍷

📸 cred: David Kotsibie

4. Recommended Read 🎅 Walk It Off

Be prepared to plow through Canadian Ruth Marshall’s true story at breakneck speed. From Degrassi actress to relearning how to walk, pee, and get it on, Ruth hilariously lands on her feet.

5. Nuts & Bolts 🎅 Addictive AF

6. Popsockets

Pretty busy today. Was only able to check my phone 1400 times.

The popsocket is a finger grip/kickstand for smartphones, making it infinitely easier to hold a plus-sized phone with arthritic fingers.

7. Peeps Carbon Klean Glasses Cleaner

Dirty glasses affects your specs appeal. Fun fact: NASA uses the same dry-clean technology to clean their space glass. Outta sight! Peeps review

8. Hodgins Helpers

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m really mediocre at housekeeping. You know what would make it a lot more fun? A cleaning lady! We highly recommend Heather Hodgins to help with your Cinderella needs.

9. Cranberry Sangria 🎅 Back by popular demand

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  1. Eleanor(Rochon) Leveille

    love your favorite things…. happy holidays !!

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