25 Things You May Not Know About Val

By Lori McGillivray

1. After a long week, Val likes to reward herself with a well-earned glass of wine. Until she realizes it’s only Tuesday morning.

2. Ways to Val’s heart: 1) Buy her food, 2) Make her food, 3) Be food.

3. She’s a fitness enthusiast with a strong core and abs. It offsets her love of grub.

4. If Val were in a sorority, she would definitely be an Alpha.

5. The underside of Val’s hair looks like a woolly Alpaca. Only the top layer is poker straight.


6. Val would walk through fire for her friends. Well, not fire, that would be dangerous. But a super humid room. Well, not too humid because, you know…her hair.

7. Val holds her enormous circle of friends to a strict “No Drama” z🚫ne.

8. Not one to impulse buy, she’ll revisit an item 10 times before pulling the trigger.

9. When Val’s mad, her chin juts out several inches. When she’s really mad, people run for their lives.


10. If Val was stranded on a desert island and could only pick one companion, she would choose me. Her husband Ken runs a close second.

11. She lusts after a Hermès Birkin, one of most elusive handbags in the world.

12. Val had a 20 year career with a small oil and gas consulting firm. Not once in 20 years did she ever discuss her job.

13. Her ankles and wrists are freakishly small.


14. She believes you should give a fuck. Not about the small stuff, but find something that sets your soul on fire.

15. Val is passionate about charitable organizations Mealshare and Brown Bagging For Calgary Kids. Nothing fills your heart like feeding hungry kids.

16. Her dream job was backup singer for the Queen of Soul. Meet you on the other side Aretha!

17. Val could not exist without music. She’s the queen of playlists and mixtapes.

18. She loves to entertain, and throws epic parties.

19. Her goal was to live to 100 years old. A public speaking gig and a few life bitch-slaps have reduced that to 98.

20. Val doesn’t like to show up early. Her motto is better to arrive late than roll in ugly.

21. She curses crafting, abhors baking, snubs sewing, and finds Pinterest painful.

22. Her favourite retort is suck my dick.

23. She’s very knowledgeable about professional sports, especially during playoffs.

24. She doesn’t like texting or talking on the phone, but you can’t shut her up in person.

25. Val has the enviable ability to “Let Shit Go” and move on.

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  1. Margot

    I did not know Val wanted to be a backup singer for Aretha … although the occasions when we “rehearsed”to k-tel records in her parents’ basement might have given me a hint 😉

  2. Ken MacLean

    Pt 26. If she was stranded on a desert island and could choose another sole companion in addition to Lori it would be JFK Jr. With his passing, the number two vote is now a mystery.

  3. Terri

    Val you are a GEM! One of my favourites.

  4. Bonnie

    Thanks for this. Once again I read your blog with a smile on my face!

  5. Sangria Sisters

    That’s funny Danny because it was on there, and I changed it at the last moment. We just listened to Bat Out Of Hell on the way to Swift, and were struck by the sheer genius of Meatloaf!!

  6. Andrea Hardy

    Oh MY gawd you were not kidding about hilarious and sassy! I had an awesome time meeting you two tonight – but these two posts you wrote about each other give me so much more insight to you two as people (and bloggers!) I died laughing and the whole time I was saying to myself -I could totally see that, or that makes total sense from the 20 ish minutes I got to spend with you guys!

    Thanks for sharing – I need someone who knows me well to make a 20 things about me list… I might learn something about myself!

  7. Jodi

    So great to read. Love you sangria girls.

  8. Susan Hagman

    Hi girls , a must read every Thursday before work , thanks for the laughs, smiles and sometimes tears, thanks for keepin it real and always have wine❤️

  9. Eleanor(Rochon) Leveille

    aaah love it ….

  10. Ken MacLean

    At the time of this reading Ken is still in the top ten and holding on! This list has proven useful to stay in the single digits.

  11. Tammy

    Love reading your blogs! It puts a smile on my face. You guys are truly gals after my own heart!!

  12. El Gordo

    #27 Val is the best Bacchi player in the world! You to crack me up can’t make this shit up !Reading these is such a treat. Big smile big hug cheers to the sisters!

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