Reverse Advent Calendar…Sangria Style


1. Find a wine box with 12 dividers. Number the dividers from 1 to 12. [Check your basement for an empty box…just keeping it real!]

2. Crafty bitches can glam up the box, but it’s not mandatory. Leave the top open.

3. On December 1st, place your first item in the 1 slot of the box.

4. Reward yourself for being selfless. For every one in the box, one goes down your throat. Because Christmas. 🍷

5. On December 2nd, put your next item into the box. Repeat with wine.

6. Continue with one item every day until the 12 Days of Giving is complete.

7. Drop box off at Val’s house BY SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16th:

  • 131 Signature Court SW, Calgary (Signal Hill)
  • Place on back deck if nobody’s home
  • Join us for a glass of wine on Dec. 16 from 1:00-4:00 pm

8. All boxes collected will benefit The Calgary Drop-In and Rehab Centre (a Mealshare charity partner.)

9. Temper Christmas madness with an act of kindness. Pay it forward, make a difference, feed your soul!

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  1. suzanne dennis

    BRILLIANT and of course, Sangria Sister — funny! (crafty bitches!!)

    I did the reverse calendar a la Julie, here in Edmonton at work, and collected a car full of donations!

    We have already started something else here this year I am calling CANS FOR CHRISTMAS, but I will def put the Sangria Sister Reverse Advent box idea in my ‘to be used’ files for next year!

    Love you guys!
    (still hoping we can meet in person when I’m in Calgary some time)
    till then

    • Sangria Sisters

      Awesome Suzanne! People like you validate what we do. We would love to get together, sisters meet sisters, anytime you’re in town. First one’s on us! ❤

  2. Bonnie

    Love this Sisters! ❤️

  3. Catherine

    Love it! You Sisters are so good at spreadin’ the good vibes around!

    • Sangria Sisters

      At this lovely stage of our lives, we can look for purpose in ways you can’t do with a young family. Kinda nice! Ironically, I just mentioned your name today, how we’d like to get together. And here you are!!

  4. Carla Noble

    We are in Val. I’ve reached out to Nikki’s coach and hope to get several families involved . Glen and I will drop off all boxes to you Friday Dec 15.

  5. Lesley

    What a fantastic idea!!! I am in and will spread the word!!!

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