Clever Ways To Be Kind

If it feels like a nasty uncle keeps rubbing his marble bag across humanity, you’re not alone. To quote rock legend April Wine, The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazy.

We’re calling on YOU to help fix Mother Earth with random acts of kindness. Because uncle’s sporting an itty-bitty speedo!

1. Handbags With Heart

Got baggage? The Sisters are collecting gently used handbags for our sisters in need. Every time you pour a glass of jolly juice 🍷 pack a new hygiene product or toiletry into your purse.

Sending love to: Women In Need Society

How: Drop your stocked handbag to Val by December 12th or text 403-710-3582 for pickup.

Where: 131 Signature Court SW (if not home, place in marked container on back deck)

Hairbrush ✶ Comb ✶ Toothpaste/Toothbrush ✶ Floss ✶ Chapstick ✶ Gloss ✶ Small make-up kit ✶ Shampoo/Conditioner ✶ Deodorant ✶ Gloves ✶ Mittens ✶ Hat ✶ Scarf ✶ Sanitizer ✶ Magazine ✶ Lotion ✶ Nail polish/file ✶ Transit passes

2. Allow someone to be right when you’re dead sure they’re wrong.

3. Have the #ladyballs to support local charities – Join us May 21st , 2020 at The LADY BALL Calgary  – a humdinger of a party – and a chance to support Ovarian Cancer Canada. Win-Win!

4. Marie Kondo it – If your closet doesn’t spark joy, share your overflow with the Drop-In Centre. Break a $20 into fives and shove the bills deep into donated pant pockets.

5. Look directly at disenfranchised people, instead of through them. Smile!

6. Zip your old coats around a tree downtown with a warmhearted note.

7. Buy a Happy Meal for a homeless person.

8. Pay for the order behind you at the fast food drive-through.

9. Strike up a conversation with an older person or senior who may be feeling invisible.

10. Your neighbour has piles of free snow, take all you need. Shoveling counts as a free gym membership.

11. Don’t take the rockstar parking spot close to an entrance when it’s -30. Let someone else think they scored.

12. Help Mealshare put an end to youth hunger by purchasing a jar of delicious Campania tomato sauce from Famoso Pizzeria + Bar. Get a jar, give a meal!

Above all, be kind to YOURSELF! Take a compliment without brushing it off. Don’t strive for perfection. Less negative self-talk. Be your own best friend!

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  1. Bonnie

    Being kind is good for your soul ❤️

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