12 Things Wine Lovers “Don’t” Say

1. It’s not a party until the Mateus starts flowing.

2. I prefer my Chardonnay at room temperature.

3. Do you have anything smaller than a 5 oz. glass?

4. Let’s start with the cheap shit and work our way to the good stuff.

5. Who doesn’t enjoy chilled Chablis from a red solo cup?

6. The best bubbly I ever imbibed came from a box.

7. We fancy homemade blends over store-bought.

8. My Pinot Noir cup runneth over with ice.

9. Does it come in any other colours than red or white?

10. Grape therapy is overrated. I’d rather pay $200 a session for counselling.

11. I can’t relax when I drink Cab Sav. Uncork and unwind isn’t in my vocab-ernet.

12. Can you recommend a wine with notes of tobacco, tar, charcoal, baby diaper, or cat pee?

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  1. Jodi Bobenic

    Oh ya. How true are those. Never invite those ones to a party.

  2. Moi

    LOL. Wine is the answer to everything!

  3. Laurie Kindrachuk

    The 2 photos under #12 … you both look fabuloso!

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