Hangover Connoisseurs

Ever rolled out of bed with a heavy head? The odor of Eau de Merlot fill your belly with dread? Baby blues inflamed to bloodshot-red? When the forecast calls for drunk with a chance of regret, the dreaded wine flu is the price you pay to play.

Dinner Date Night

Bevvies: Martini, Wine, Aperitif

(Foodie) buzz word:  1. sauced  2. stewed  3. baked

Going in:  1. High spirited 2. Overdue for a night out 3. Just what the doctor ordered

Morning after:  1. Surprised  2. Dull headache  3. Dry mouth

Sister Sin:  Cream pasta, lava cake, and a second bottle induced gastrointestinal distress. All attempts at romance were kiboshed. Who needs school when you have a private tooter.

Hubby’s Company Party

Bevvies:  Champagne, Wine

Buzz word:  1. tipsy  2. tight  3. feeling no pain

Going in:  1. Apprehensive 2. Pre-drinks = personality 3. Socially lubricated

Morning after:  1. Sheepish  2. Tentative  3. What did I say?

Sister Sin:  Upon leaving the party, I loudly and repeatedly announced that I couldn’t find my beaver…a full-length mink coat borrowed from my mother-in-law.


Girl’s Night Out

Bevvies:  Vodka soda, Beer, Coolers, Fancy cocktails

Buzz word:  1. pie-eyed  2. juiced  3. lit-up

Going in:  1. Warm fuzzies  2. Belly laughs  3. Dancing queens

Morning after:  1. Debriefing required  2. Poor memory  3. Short attention span

Sister Sin:  Getting home at midnight isn’t bad…unless you’re coming from a ladies lunch.

Out Of Town Weekends

Bevvies:  Vodka Paralyzers, Malibu rum, Jello shots, Baileys, Fireball whiskey

Buzz word:  1. wasted  2. pissed  3. pickled

Going in:  1. Pace yourself  2. Marathon  3. Endurance  4. Protein bars

Morning after:  1. Suck it up cupcake  2. Back on the roller coaster  3. Barking with the big dogs

Sister Sin:  Spewing Sambuca is like pulling licorice through your nose. You find yourself praying to a porcelain god that you will never drink again.


Oh No, She Didn’t

Bevvies:  Tequila

Buzz word:  1. tanked  2. bombed  3. blasted

Going in:  1. Premeditated  2. Bender-bound  3. Overzealous

Morning after:  1. Nauseous  2. Diarrhea  3. Dehydrated

Sister Sin:  Well played tequila. Well played. The Easter Bunny wasn’t able to hop out of bed for an early morning egg hunt…or afternoon egg dyeing…or Easter dinner.  Bad, bad bunny.


The night was a blur

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  1. Jodi

    Good one. Love partying with you sangria sisters

  2. Ken MacLean

    I feel like there is an entire secret society that men only get glimpses into. Is this why Harry Potter was written by a woman?

  3. Bonnie

    . I must admit that I too am guilty (I mean the Easter Bunny) of being a little under the weather on Easter morning. Come to think of it I was always out with you two the night before ❤️

  4. Joanne

    But on Easter afternoon did you accidentally tell the kids that you got drunk helping their Mom fill the plastic Easter eggs?

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