We Wish You A Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear!

Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. 2021 (2020’s ugly step-sister) looked like a dandelion and smelled like weed.

As we bid adieu to yet another bag of dicks year, here is our hope for you in 2022:

✮ Pray three wise men enter politics.

✮ Find new things to debate, look for new riddles to solve. Mars isn’t going to populate itself.

✮ Make fun non-negotiable. More friends, family, food, and F words of your choice.

✮ Masks aren’t just for super heroes. Look at the lone ranger, fighter pilots, and role playing that takes 10 years off a marriage.

✮ Take regular breaks from the news. In the year 2040, when Alex Trebek is unthawed, we don’t all need to nail the “What Is Covid” category.

✮ Meet anxiety and fear with kindness and grace.

✮ Remind yourself that our track record for getting through life altering drama is pretty damn good. Remember the 2000 millennium scare?

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