New Year ~ Same Hot Mess

Who has a dramatic flair for entering a room? 2022, that’s fucking who! Glacial temperatures colder than my mother-in-law’s kiss. Trains, planes, and automobile travel gone off the rails. The latest update on covid is everyone has covid.

Despite being the same old assholes, a new year feels clean and unblemished. We’re filled with hope, untapped potential, and cheese. It’s time to start planning beyond the pandemic, trusting the third year’s a charm.

Here’s what we all can do:

✦ Practice saying “sorry” less and “thank you for understanding” more.

✦ Mix in refreshing, booze-free cocktails to help you unwin(e)d.

✦ Recognize that a multitude of obstacles have turned into blessings.

✦ Build a bridge to meet people with polarizing opinions in the middle.

✦ Strategize your health and wellness long game (Val has a 100 year plan).

✦ Remind yourself it’s okay to fall apart sometimes. Tacos do, and we still love them.

✦ In case nobody told you lately, you’re doing swimmingly well. Congrats on staying afloat!

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  1. Bonnie

    Thanks for this sisters! Happy New Year! ❤️❤️

  2. Lisa

    Nicely put. Third year, third option…here’s to meeting in the middle…

    Happy New Year Sisters ‍♀️

  3. Missy

    More great advice ladies!

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