Merci Beaucoup (A Fancy Thank You) From The Sangria “Brothers”

After Scott’s cancer diagnosis, we were given the rare gift of seeing how deeply your life impacts others. The outpouring of support from beloved friends and perfect strangers left us gobsmacked.

We learned that happiness is feeling peace, love, and light when everything is dark.

Today, I wear a smile that YOU left me with because:

✿ The ‘thinking of you’ texts.

✿ Thoughtful messages on social media.

✿ For all the folks who rooted for the fight.

✿ To those who felt the pain of loss.

✿ For every single human who held Abby in their hearts.

✿ To all who attended the celebration of life, and to all who wanted to come. The love in the room was palpable.

✿ To those who shared sentimental and hilarious stories at the service.

✿ To the amazing gift of time that each of you so graciously donated (in so many ways) to our family.

✿ To those who contributed to Scott’s GoFundMe page, extending his quality of life for an additional 12 months.

✿ For the bounty of flowers and gifts that flowed in after the loss. Your thank you cards are in the mail…

✿ For everyone who’s pulled Val aside to ask “How’s she doing?”

✿ To Valerie Ann MacLean who holds down the Sangria Sisters fort as an only child.

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  1. Margot Weiner

    So much love to you, Lori

  2. Sandy Yozipovic

    We think of you & pray for you & Abby every day! ❤️

  3. Kevin Allison

    Val and Lori, you are two amazing women! Your humour in the face of loss is, to me, the ultimate expression of courage and grace. Keep going girlfriends! In the words of that famous ’80’s poet, Howard Jones,
    “And do you feel scared, I do
    But I won’t stop and falter
    And if we threw it all away
    Things can only get better”
    “Whoa whoa whoa-oh-oh whoa-whoa whoa-oh-oh”

  4. Shellie Murchie

    You are a special kind of beautiful, Bella

  5. Jodi Bobenic

    This is beautiful and truly seeing and feeling the gifts from other humans is truly the best blessing in the world. we are all still with you on this journey.
    so much love to you,
    Abby, Val and your mama!!……and the boys and martini too.

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