The Next 50 Years

I’m halfway through this life of zen,
Assuming I live to 110.

My plan is 100, I’ve never had doubt,
Before the final curtain, the ultimate chill out.

Except for some stress which you all can relate,
Might shave off two years, still a respectable 98.

That’s a BFD, what is waiting for me,
Apart from the obvious bottle of chilled Chablis.

Ever the optimist I sit back and wonder,
Just how many years until we end youth hunger.

When health is the new wealth, happiness makes you rich,
No more mean girls who gossip and bitch.

The end of greedy douche bags too big to fail,
An assembly of world leaders, the majority female.

The beauty trend is wrinkles and paper thin skin,
The Middle East declares peace, muslim relaxers for the win.

People worldwide have prayed for an answer,
We’re universally blessed with a cure for cancer.

The future looks rosy through wine goggles, a full cup,
2017 has jumped the shark… there’s nowhere to go but up.


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  1. Ken m

    Post nailed it.


  2. Lesley

    Happy Birthday, Val.

  3. Kendra Koss

    Happy Birthday Val!!!!

  4. Heidi

    Happy Birthday Val , loved the poem.

  5. Tammi

    Happy Birthday Val!

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