Sangria Sisters Presents “The SheBees”

Even the raunchiest rock n’ roller will confess, jiving to The Bee Gees is a guilty pleasure. They put the ease in cheesy listening. People might poke fun, but who Gibbs a shit?

Those Bee Gee chompers got nothin’ on the SheBees. Our gals teeth are as white as their dance moves. Without further ado, Ed Sullivan presents THE SHEBEES.

* Much like Andy Gibb, Val was there in spirit.

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  1. Jodi

    Hilarious. Could you come and perform live at a class. ❤️

  2. Terri

    That was great! Sandy was mesmerizing! Errr I mean Barry! And “who Gibb’s a shit”, Brilliant! Lmao!

  3. Ken MacLean

    These “guys” are going to be BIG!

  4. Dawn

    OMG that was frickin awesome lmfao. You grasshoppers are soooo talented

  5. Carla Noble

    I can’t stop watching this . Disturbingly handsome trio!! Lol

  6. Kathy

    One of my favourites. That was awesome!

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