How Much Time Is Spent…

If you’ve ever had an existential crisis, wondering what you’ve done with your life, consider this. We spend a whopping 2 ½ decades sleeping; not to mention an additional 7 years tossing and turning. That’s ⅓ of your lifespan embedded in blankets, starfish position not included…

This got me thinking, am I making the most of my minutes, or are they frivolously ticking away?

🔹 Example: standing in line (for 235 days), be it grocery stores, coffee shops, or concerts. Special shout out to the great gals we’ve befriended in bathroom lineups.

🔹 How many pounds have been gained and lost throughout a lifetime – looking at you 12 lb. baby and midlife gunt.

🔹 How much time is spent on the toilet, hiding from your kids?

🔹 Screen time and scrolling – 11 years and counting.

🔹 Suddenly remembering what you forgot.

🔹 Waiting impatiently at red lights for 6 months.

🔹 Girly girls spend 140 days getting gussied up.

🔹 How many tears have run down your face?

🔹 Adapting to new technology – from microfiche to computer updates.

🔹 How many stubbed toes – nine times out of ten it’s that goddamn pinkie.

🔹 On average, we chuckle, guffaw, snicker, or belly laugh for 2,760 hours! Bonus time for reading the Sangria Sisters blog!

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