I Put The “Pro” In Procrastinate

I’ve been meaning to write this blog on procrastination, but it took months to get down on paper. I dilly dally on the daily, leaving the big fish floundering on the back burner. There’s no limit to my tomfuckery when I’m supposed to be doing something else.

I drag my feet to slow down deadlines and to-do’s, a fruitless effort ending in a trail of scuff marks. Undue stress, anxiety, and dread are the main characters when you play the waiting game. In the 11th hour, diarrhea and an elevated heart rate debut as new cast additions.

I don’t always let things slide, but when I do, I do it majestically. Why rush to get ready when you can squander an hour scrolling. Skillfully applying makeup in the back of a lurching taxi is standard practice.

With the right mindset you realize – you’re not fucking yourself, it’s more like guilt-free procrasturbation!

✰ You can accomplish more in an hour than you can in months. Test this theory by inviting the in-laws to your house.

✰ Dawdling is a good thing. You’ll always have something to do tomorrow, plus, you have nothing to do today.

✰ Trust that if it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done at all.

✰ Hard work pays off eventually, procrastination pays off now. (#slothlife)

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