A Penny Saved Is…Worthless

Have you ever noticed, when a guy flips a quarter, he always asks for head? In the same vein, after years of penny pinching, it no longer make sense to make cents. But despite the ridiculously high cost of living, it still remains popular. It’s time to revisit some ‘70s scrimping strategies that put the bang in your buck. Can you dig it!

🤑 Sisterhood of the traveling corduroys. How many siblings can hand-me-down the same pair of pants?

🤑 Buy a large chest freezer for the meat you got on sale. Five years later, try to identify the crystalized white and brown fuzzy bits. Make “stew” with them, anyway.

🤑 Wrap quarters in wax paper and insert them in your loved one’s birthday cake. The surprise of a chipped tooth will dull the disappointment of another “at home” birthday.

🤑 Gather up all the dime-sized soap nubs, and put them in a used stocking. Try not to think which cavity those slippery knobs last rubbed.

🤑 Darn socks so you can limp through life with lumps on your sole/soul. Your therapist will love her new summer home.

🤑 Wash plastic wrap and hang it on the clothesline to dry. Peel bugs and birds off before reusing. Will give itself a clingy hug at the slightest gust of wind.

🤑 Make Meatloaf, the rectangular masterpiece of a stretched pound of beef. I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.

🤑 Suck the joy out of what’s left of Christmas by removing tinsel one by one. Save the stored clump for next season.

🤑 In other news, cloth diapers are making a comeback. Stay tuned for the shitshow at 11:00.

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