How To Build A Killer Playlist

As a kid, I was inspired by K-Tel records, the 70’s version of Spotify. Compilation albums like Sound Explosion created a lifelong passion for mixed tapes, ‘cause I’ve got the music in me. Recording wasn’t easy; cassettes took patience and a pencil, and CD’s skipped. Limewire might drop a digital STD onto your computer, but the songs were free!

Below the Easy Listening playlist is step-by-step instructions on how to create an iTunes playlist. Party on Sista’s!


1. Collective Soul ✤ The World I Know

2. Colin James ✤ Into the Mystic

3. Jack Johnson ✤ Better Together

4. The Wallflowers ✤ 6th Avenue Heartache

5. Rod Stewart ✤ Have You Ever Seen The Rain

6. Green Day ✤ Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

7. Elton John ✤ Tiny Dancer

8. R.E.M. ✤ Everybody Hurts

9. Bob Marley ✤ Three Little Birds

10. Brandi Carlile ✤ The Story

11. Jimmy Buffett ✤ Come Monday

12. INXS ✤ Never Tear Us Apart

13. John Mellencamp ✤ Under The Boardwalk

14. James Taylor ✤ You’ve Got A Friend

15. Blue Rodeo ✤ 5 Days In May

How to make a playlist:

1. Open iTunes (don’t connect your device until you’re ready to sync).

2. Download new music from the iTunes Store, or choose songs from existing library (My Music).

3. It’s time to make a playlist.

4. In iTunes 12, there are several ways to create a new playlist.
● In the bottom left hand corner, click on the + sign, then New Playlist.
● Or, in the top left hand corner click the dropdown arrow beside the tiny black/white box. Click on New, then New Playlist at the top of the window.
● Alternatively, if you have the menu toolbar turned on, (press Control and B at the same time to turn on the menu bar) click File, then New, and select Playlist.

5. Type the name of your playlist and hit enter. I’ve entitled this first one Easy Listening You can rename a playlist by single clicking on it.

6. Now you’re ready to start adding songs. Right click on Easy Listening to Edit Playlist.

7. Navigate through your music library to find the songs you want to add, either by Search in the top right corner, or by scrolling through My Music.

Hint: If songs are new or recently downloaded, you can go to PLAYLISTS on the main toolbar, then find PURCHASED located near the top on the left-hand side bar. All new songs will be at the bottom of the PURCHASED playlist. Right click on the desired song, then click Add To Playlist, and scroll to place them in Easy Listening playlist.

8. If you’re going from your existing music library, drag and drop songs to the playlist window on the right. Repeat until you’ve got all the songs you want added to your playlist.

9. When you’re finished, click the “Done” button at the bottom of your new playlist.

10. Order of songs in your playlist is key, and you can rearrange them at any time. Simply drag and drop songs from the playlist into the order you prefer. I often make playlists, listen to them, and then rearrange it for easier transitions and flow.

11. To listen to your new playlist, double click on the top song.

How to sync playlists to your iPhone:

1. Connect your iPhone or device to the USB port on your computer (open iTunes first).

2. On the main toolbar near the top, click on the your Device.


3. In the left sidebar, click Summary.

4. Scroll down to the Options section.

5. Click the box next to ‘Automatically sync when this phone is connected.’

6. Click Apply.

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  1. Ken MacLean

    Seriously, these are the best playlists on the planet. DJ Val knows the mood and knows the songs to get you there.


  2. Rachel Kokott

    So true. Love the playlist. Can’t wait to get home and play it..don’t know if they would like me to play at work.. Could try. Great job , girls..

    • Sangria Sisters

      Thanks Rachel! We should make a plan to get together for a glass of wine. It would be great to catch up!

  3. Laurell Slusar

    I always enjoy your playlists Val. They are truly epic!!

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