Adult Acne: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A zit in a wrinkle? Looks like you can have it all…

I’m a picker. I get off on whacking whiteheads, and not just my own. I’ve been a professional pimple popper in the derm esthetics industry for the past ten thousand years.

They’re all fair game, except for ones right under the nose. Yowza! Have you ever relentlessly gone after an undergrounder that didn’t result in total carnage? Your skin is left wondering what the hell it did to you.

As a teen I had my share of breakouts. The classic recipe of sugar and hormones led to a T-zone full of blackheads. Swollen red pustules would trumpet the arrival of my period. A totally tubular time to be alive.

There wasn’t much for acne medication back then. Acnomel was a strange, orange-tinted concealer meant to hide scabby spots on your face. Boil like blemishes were a surefire way to slash self-esteem.

We took comfort knowing we’d eventually grow out of it…

But 50 is the new 15! Nothing keeps you young like adult acne, said no menopausal woman ever.

Pimples continued to rear their ugly [white] heads throughout my life. Anytime I’m stressed, my pores simultaneously erupt into Mt. Vesuvius. I’m guaranteed to get sleep acnea the night before a big event.

Thanks to Mom, I’ve always appreciated good skin care lines. Listening to my friend with perfect skin and invisible pores say she just rinses her face with water makes me twitch. I cringe when women sleep in their makeup. Even if it’s late and I’m drunk tired, I complete a anti-aging-acne regimen.

Types of AcneSkinCare Ingredients
BlackheadsSalicylic AcidChemical Peel
Mild Surface CongestionAlpha-hydroxy acid, Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl PeroxideMicrodermabrasion and/or Chemical Peel
Moderate CysticBenzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur, Retinol Cortisone Injection, Isolaz™ Laser, Prescription Oral Antibiotics
Severe Cystic and PustularSalicylic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur, RetinolIsolaz™, Birth control pill, Spironolactone, Antibiotic, or Accutane

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