Hair’s Looking At You, Kid

When I was just a little girl
My hair was full of ringlet curl
Mom tried taming without fail
Princess Leia braids and ponytail

Pulled so tight my brows did lift
How I yearn for that esthetic gift
Until the elastic band would break
To unleash a certain hair headache

When I was a teen running amok
My locks and I still virgin stock
Au natural with a middle part
A modeled mess of limp string art

Then the 80’s came and went
Backcombed bangs, crimp iron bent
Split-ends fried till they were smoking
Firm hold hairspray caused major choking

Used Sun-In spray to lighten up
Mousy mane to bright buttercup
The box said safe, even for brown
But I just looked like Krusty The Clown

The worst hairstyle, my biggest bomb
Shortly after becoming a mom
Aiming for chic after feeling a slob
I opted for a sensible bob

Now it’s long and sheds like a dog
Strands in my food and drains I clog
Fighting a hostile takeover of grey
Highlights, the expensive price I pay

Cowlicks, horns, frizz, or paper-thin
Battling with our hair we seldom win
The other girl’s coif isn’t always greener
What stands out most is your demeanour!

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  1. Ken

    OMG, the 80s pic took me back. . Might have to watch some Miami vice reruns and reminisce on that decade tonight.

  2. Joanne Cave

    Great pics, Lori…always gorgeous!

  3. Karen

    At least you didn’t have to get a perm! Talk about being chemically enhanced.

  4. Lesley

    That is awesome. I am totally reminiscing. I am glad that you shared you pics and I don’t have to. Heehee. Hair is a woman’s best accessory.

    • Sangria Sisters

      I’ve seen a few of your earlier photos. Big hair, don’t care!

  5. Dawn Pighin

    Hahahahaha your so beautiful Lori, no matter how your hair looked. Love the photos. OMG hair styles were so crazy way back when and we all thought we looked hot lol! Poem is great! xoxo

  6. Jodi

    I must say , you have aged well. So happy to have you in my life.

  7. Laurell

    Loved all the pics Lori! You looked great in all of them.
    I rocked the mullet in the 80’s ha ha!
    I really enjoyed the walk down memory lane.
    Keep up the good work!

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