Botox Or Bangs

Feeling pretty is a full time job,
which is why I work part time…

Botox vs. bangs is a question of commitment. Refueling every six months is a bling thing, and like wine, not easy to give up.

So why are tweaks and pricks considered a dirty little secret? At our age it requires extra effort and a healthy bankroll to maintain that radiant wine-buzz glow.


Barbie turns 50

When Christie Brinkley turned 60, she claimed her fountain of youth formula was clean eating, exercise, and a positive attitude. Maybe she was born with it…maybe it was botox.

For needle nervous nellies, less invasive procedures like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments are an excellent way to iron out the creases.

Wrinkles may be the first sign of aging, but getting baked is to blame for our corinthian leather upholstery.

Our youth was spent slathered in baby oil and tinfoil reflectors. Years of sears has turned my fair skin into a patchwork quilt of freckles and sun spots.


Unlike spiral perms and stirrup pants, adult acne never grows old. On average, we touch our face 16 times an hour, which hands down, incites breakouts.

Cell phones, door knobs, and shopping carts are drizzled with bacteria. The dollar bill inside your wallet has been tucked in a strippers g-string.

If your beauty regimen takes more than 15 minutes, you’re not as cute as you thought. You need four essentials: cleanser, hydrating serum, moisturizer with SPF, and eye cream.

WASH YOUR FACE before bed, or sleep in a compost of dirt, bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells.


A good dermatologist will help put your best face forward. An esthetician can recommend skin specific products.

Inner beauty may not get you free drinks, but being comfortable in your own skin is what shines through.

May your day be as smooth as your forehead!


Sangria Wine Rack

BreakoutsWrinklesBrown spotsDull skin
At homeToothpaste, tea tree oilOmega 3Lemon juiceDrink lots of water
active ingredient

Salicylic acid, vitamin A Glycolic acid,
alpha-hydroxy acids
Vitamins C, & E, antioxidants
RxBenzoyl peroxideBotox, fillerRetinolVitamin A retinoid

Chemical peelsChemical peels, resurfacing laserIPL laserMicrodermabrasion

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  1. Joanne

    This weather is really doing a number on my skin. Flaky, wrinkly, tired, dull…all the winter skin dwarves are here.
    Mask, exfoliate and moisturize tonight.
    Can’t wait for spring!

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