What’s Up Down There?

How come breasts are always the life of the party? The flashy showgirls who shake, shimmy, and ta-ta-tap their way into federal financing hearts.

This week, the Canadian government allocated $10 MILLION dollars to ovarian cancer research. A game changer, life saver…making us even hungrier for more.

It got us thinking about why the muff gets the short end of the dick. It’s about time we recognize the grandest canyon of them all.

In the hothouse, our lady garden begins as a delicate bud. How does she look now? Like the petals have spread wide open, and it hasn’t been watered in months? My esthetician divulged she could tell who’s had children by their wilted hoo-hoo.

What the hell, is that a grey weed growing on the 19th hole?

A penis doesn’t beat around the bush, its intentions are crystal clear. Most women wouldn’t recognize their own vertical smile if they saw it in a mirror. The vagina, cervix, ovaries, and uterus are shrouded in a cloak of mystery.

Show your two-lip the love it deserves. Be proactive, get regular checkups, and watch for wayward symptoms down below. Address the pink elephant in the womb. Think outside the bra, and check your box!

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The flappy factsTwat does that mean?
The longest female pubic hair on record was 28 inches longThe 70’s version of short n' curly
After giving birth, women have a darker labia minoraThe meat curtains don't match the drapes
A clitoris contains twice as many nerve fibers as a penis8000 tremors-a-tingling
Your diet affects how things smell down thereKeto crotch
One-third of women orgasm in their sleep♫ Sweet dreams are made of this
There's more bacteria in your mouth than in your vaginaWhat a nice girl like you doing in a dirty mind like this?

Don’t let cancer #teal third base!

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  1. Joanne

    OMG girls!! Another great public service announcement!

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