The Sisters 2024 In’s and Out’s

✅ IN ✅

✦ Aging, just get over it…embrace laugh lines, freckles, silver hair, loose skin

✦ Trying and failing, then dusting yourself off. Repeat as necessary.

✦ Get to the root of the problem with healthy scalp treatments

✦ Support local artists, musicians, writers, theatre projects

✦ Strength training, ‘cause girls just wanna have buns

✦ Women’s hockey – have a good period!

✦ His and Hers sleep sanctuaries

✦ Being kind to your mind

✦ Palm Springs style happy hours

✦ Drinking in life as it happens

❌ OUT ❌

✦ Getting a tan off the fridge light

✦ Forget perfection, champion flawsome

✦ Buying shit just because it’s on sale

✦ Googling ailments, then panicking

✦ Short passwords

✦ Driving at night

✦ Ticketmaster

✦ Fake pockets

✦ Overthinking

✦ The patriarchy

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