The Mother Of All Years

Mother’s Day, the busiest dining day of the year
But with restaurants closed, no mimosas to cheer
If whipping up brunch is your only Plan B
Get ‘yo ass to the store, and stock up on Chablis

As kids, we’d beam at Mom with tokens of our love
Gas station beef jerky we presume she dreamed of
Or ceramic figurines in the shape of two cats
Brown and orange felines wearing fancy hats

We didn’t know what she liked, or what to make for dinner
Beans and boiled wieners were an unexpected winner
She never said a word and we never thought to ask
If she’d prefer a facial, or a bottomless wine flask

It’s time to get creative, with only a few days left
Peace and quiet on the menu, or she’s bound to be bereft
All Moms’ really want this year is a return to normal life
A breather from the daily grind of a house bound housewife

Treat her like a Tesla, give her time to recharge
She runs on kindness and respect, or a gift of 50 large
Moms are precious gems, worth their weight in gold
Flowers always bring a smile, ‘specially when pre-rolled

Something to lower her shoulders, alleviate the stress
A vacay during lockdown, away from this global mess
We’re all in this together, let’s make a sacred pact
To lift all Mama’s up, keep their mental health intact

Look for silver linings, not the sterling in your hair
Treat yourself and others with tender loving care
Enjoy your homemade brunch, pour yourself another
Wash down those runny eggs, and take it like a muther!


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  1. Jodi bobenic

    Happy Mother’s Day !

  2. Rachel kokott

    Great message! So true! Happy Mother’s Day to you both!!

  3. Bonnie

    Have a Happy Mother’s Day Sisters!

  4. Sandra

    Love it! Happy Mother’s Day to you both.
    Hugs and cheers

  5. Tammy

    ❤️ Awesome! Happy Mother’s Day to you both!

  6. Lisa Marie Andrews

    Happy Mother’s Day to you both and your mama! xo

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