Swimming Upstream

Author Unknown

Swimming upstream is not something many would choose to do, unless you were a salmon with damn good reasons for doing crazy things. Yet, many of us do exactly that. We go against the natural flow of life, constantly struggling for survival in our self-created rough waters. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, and we don’t have to struggle to have a life.

Resistance of the flow can show up in many different ways. The need to be right is one of the biggest reasons why so many feel flow is not happening in our lives. We fight hard to keep our head above water, struggling mightily to be right, while refusing to see any other way. We believe as long as we swim hard enough the current will go away. But the current will never go away if we continue to swim the same way we always have, and in the same direction.

In reality, we’re working much harder than we need to. Letting go of being right means letting go of control, and for some that’s a scary thought. To float aimlessly downstream is absurd to those who need to know exactly where they are going first. Yet for others, it’s a release that can be enjoyed as they surrender to the moment, allowing the flow of life to naturally take them to what’s next.

Certain events can change our life in profound ways that may never be understood. When we resist these changes we stay swimming against the current, against the natural flow of life. This constant struggle to keep things as they were, or to live in the past, is another exhausting attempt to keep control. When we learn to stop the endless swimming by accepting what is, we will discover an untapped new strength. As we allow ourselves to be fully immersed in the natural flow of life, our guilt, pain, and suffering will be washed away.

Imagine that feeling of floating right now,
all anger, drama, and unnecessary motion gone,
and in its place…

Love peace and acceptance! ❤

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