Cinderella and Snow White ✨ Where Are They Now?

Have you ever wondered what happened to Cinderella and Snow White? The Sisters present their own tale of where m’ladies land in this video blog, and for your benefit, without the random songs.

As little girls, we’re blindly led to believe Disney princesses are the shit. Bag a prince they said, you’ll live happily ever after they said.

What the movies don’t reveal is how often royals wished upon a star to ride a chopper, get a tattoo, or throat-punch Charming. Or even worse, age!

Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown (the morning after a day fueled by paralyzers)…

Special thanks to our Cinderella step-sista’s, Tinker Bell, the Princess Bride, and Julie the Princess cruise director!

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  1. Ken

    I like the role playing avenues this opens up.

  2. Karen

    Do I hear the real Cinderella doing breakfast dishes in the background? Classic

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