Inappropriate Much?

If you know what rabbit ears and tinfoil have in common, book a colonoscopy tout suite! We grew up in the socially oblivious, footloose and fancy free era of entertainment. Many good-natured blasts from our past wouldn’t fly in today’s sterilized environment. For example, could beloved children’s shows like “The Friendly Giant” exist in 2023?

For starters, the politically correct tag for this Canadian treasure would be “Height Gifted Humanitarian.” It was never considered creepy to encourage kids to curl up with a gray-haired man who identified as friendly. And, no one questioned if that was a recorder in his pocket, he just happy to see us.

This ultra-sensitive climate incited a slew of cyberspace trolls from under the drawbridge. Gen Z would storm the castle if it weren’t for the Giant’s inclusive rooster, raccoon, and jazz cat house band. So, pull up a rocking chair, look waaayy up while he calls Rusty, and we scrutinize our uncensored youth through a new lens.

Feel free to add your own “inappropriate” memories!

🔹”Dick and Jane”
Look, Father,
Dick is big,
Sally is little,
Big, big Dick.

🔹 “Fat Albert,” for a million reasons. Hey, hey, hey, I roofied you today.

🔹 Were Pet Rocks taken out for walks? Fed organic dirt? Vaccinated?

🔹 How many of you grooved to “Short people got no reason to live”? 🙋‍♀️

🔹 A high school teacher who cued up his balls like a pocket pool shark. It was Jaws-dropping!

🔹 Diversity among Sears catalog models was limited to 50 shades of pale.

🔹 The classic western game, Cowboys and Indians. When it came to guns versus arrows, we took turns winning in the mild, mild west.

🔹 Four out of five pregnant mothers preferred Virginia Slims over any other brand. Their kids fancied Popeye cigarettes with a lit powdered tip.

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