Getting To Know the Sangria Sisters

✶ Val ✶

1. Due to her firstborn status, Val can be a bossy beaver.

2. She’s a positive thinker. The glass may be half empty, but the bar is always open.

3. This late bloomer famously declared she’d never marry or have kids. However, after dry humping a tall drink of water on the Silver Slipper dance floor, she got hitched at age 33, then nervously welcomed two beautiful boys.

4. Her youngest came out the size of a three-month-old, weighing 11 lb. 12 oz.

5. A twenty year career at a mom-and-pop engineering firm cemented her second family. Fifteen years later, they still pay for her Costco card.

6. Val’s exceptionally good at collecting and nurturing female friendships.

7. The wrath of Val is rare, but poke the bear and it’s ‘grisly’.

8. Her passion is music, but her singing is a-crapella

9. She worships at the church of yoga.

10. Val has the enviable ability to let shit go.

✶ Lori ✶

1. Lori is OMG LOL witty.

2. Sarcasm is her superpower.

3. Lori has top-notch organizational skills, swearing by the adage that organized people are simply too lazy to look for things.

4. After 20 years in the aesthetic/derm industry, skin care and eyebrows are her jam.

5. She’s a Martini fan; both her Australian Labradoodle, and a dirty with olives, shaken not stirred.

6. The first thing she does after getting home is whip off her bra and dive into pajamas.

7. Lori will bestow you with her gift of gab. Her stories are filled with endless, minute details.

8. She can’t live without chai lattes, girlfriends, and a sexy car.

9. Her wish list includes more energy, comfortable jeans, and a higher butt.

10. She’s interviewing new daddy prospects for her 24-year-old baby girl.

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  1. Moi

    You guys know how to make people laugh!
    Thanks for all the chuckles

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