Every Summer Tells A Story

Summer of ’69

Youth is wasted on the young

✮ Barefoot

✮ Perma-tan

✮ Kool-aid on tap

✮ Raiding gardens

✮ Drinking from the hose

✮ Outside from dawn till dusk

✮ Running through the sprinklers

✮ Staying up way past your bedtime

✮ Wearing pj’s to the drive-in movie

✮ Pedal pushers, baby dolls, mary janes

✮ Playing kick-the-can, sardines, freeze tag

✮ Banana seats, cards in spokes, sissy bars

✮ The ice cream truck put a cherry on top of your day

✮ Road trips in the back of the family station wagon

✮ Camping food: Pic-a-pop, franks and beans, s’mores

✮ There was nothing questionable about Ernie and Bert living together

Late teens, early 20’s

Wasted days and wasted nights

✪ Skinny dipping

✪ Summer flings

✪ Sun-in hair lightener

✪ High butts, boobs, and bangs

✪ DIY nail polish, press-on nails

✪ Drinking in the swimming pool

✪ Realizing no one’s gotten out to pee

✪ Staying up all night to watch the sunrise

✪ Baby oil at high noon

✪ Sunburns so painful sheets can’t touch your body

✪ Bartles & Jaymes wine coolers

✪ Mateus rosé, Black Tower, Le Piat D’or

✪ Beer gardens, outdoor bonfires, rooftop patios

✪ Neon that screamed my shirt is brighter than your future

✪ Cash strapped, summertime and the livin’ is thrifty

✪ Camping trips in a pup tent

✪ Camping food: burgers, beer… more beer

✪ Welcome to our campsite, where friends and marshmallows get toasted at the same time

Present day

Summer should get a speeding ticket

✿ SPF 50

✿ Dos margaritas por favor

✿ The bliss of burrowing into a good book

✿ July is a proper reward for surviving June

✿ The struggle to stay up past your kids

✿ Backyard bbqs, folk festivals, drinks on the deck

✿ Golf is a socially acceptable way to drink and drive

✿ Sharing Netflix recommendations with your girlfriends

✿ Red wine, you’re on the bench. Rosé and white wine, suit up

✿ Lasagna straps…spaghetti straps were eaten years ago

✿ Life is an endless cycle of I can’t sleep – I can’t stay awake

✿ Angst that the day after summer solstice is almost the first day of fall

✿ Happy hour starts at 2 o’clock east coast time, no matter where you are

✿ Summer vacation helps you realize teachers are grossly underpaid

✿ Camping trips in a condo

✿ Camping food: baked brie, wild salmon, spinach risotto

✿ You’re never too old to have fun!

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  1. Jodi

    Absolutely true and fun memories. Just wish it was more sunscreen and less baby oil !!

  2. Bonnie

    So many memories! Love summer ☀️

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