Birthday Girl Fun Facts

Val’s birthday is September 30th, and she’s known to weave her birthday week into a month long extravaganza. Here are some Sisterly fun facts:

1. This lovely Libra balances the scales like she double fists drinks. Offsetting bossy with lady boss. Peaceful with fierce. Queen bee with ill-tempered wasp.

2. Val had the distinction of birthing an 11 lb – 12 oz. baby boy. (I heard her box was so big it had its own postal code). Thanks to callanetics and kegels, her hoohaw is fit as a fiddle.

3. After two years of empty nesting, the flock flew home. Both boys boomeranged back from university…fungry. According to them, you can’t live a full life on an empty stomach.

4. Carol King and James Taylor could be her birth parents.

5. She grew up with her nose in a book. Classics like The Thornbirds, To Kill A Mockingbird, Go Ask Alice, and The Stand shaped her love of writing.

6. Her left boob is longer than her right.

7. It takes stones to be a curler. After crushing her tailbone (picture Bambi collapsing on the ice) in her first year curling, Val starts Pickleball next week.

8. I used to wonder why somebody didn’t do something about feeding hungry kids. Then I realized I was somebody. Every Tuesday, Val delivers lunch for Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids.

9. She continues to collect friends…not in a creepy way.

10. She hasn’t aged since 1986.

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  1. Bonnie

    Happy Birthday to one of my very favourite people! Cheers my friend ❤️

  2. Brent

    Happy Birthday Buddy!

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