Acronyms Anonymous

1. ACNP ⭐ Adult Children (of) Normal Parents
– As a rule, attendance at the yearly AGM is predictably very low.

2. DHR ⭐ Double Hip Replacement
– Talking to you hockey goalies and cirque du soleil housewives. Y’all need to shut your five-hole.

3. FFN ⭐ Florence Fuckin’ Nightingale
– The name earned mothering a mate with the man flu.

4. FISH ⭐ Fuck It, Shit Happens

5. MATH ⭐ Mental Abuse To Humans
– Jane started her day with 12 fucks. She ended her day with a dozen fucks. How many fucks did Jane give today?

6. PMS ⭐ Prepare (to) Meet Satan

7. RAK ⭐ Random Acts (of) Kindness
– Pretending not to see a disheveled sister at Safeway in her post workout splendor.

8. SOB ⭐ I don’t just ride the crazy train, I drive the Son-Ova-Bitch

9. STGF ⭐ Set The Girls Free
– The titillation of stripping off your bra after a hard day of having tits.

10. TMB ⭐ Too Many Birthdays
– Forget the candles, just set the damn cake on fire.

11. TTYL ⭐ Talk To You Louder
– Hearing loss ensuing from a table of women who were just served dessert.

12. TWAT ⭐ That Wicked Ass Troll
– Be yourself, everyone else is already taken a twat.

13. UTI ⭐ Unexplained Tequila Injury.

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  1. Lisa

    I think I may have snorted

  2. Ken MacLean

    I thought I knew them all! My fav business one is WTFH – “where to from here” or “what the F*%$ happened”.

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