8 Reasons We’re Proud To Be Canadian

This week’s Sangria Sisters video blog is filmed from our beloved hometown, Swift Current, Saskatchewan. On July 1st, we celebrate Canada’s 149th Birthday. The United States may be considered a superpower but they still live in our basement. From politics and entertainment to sex and sports, we highlight why we’re so damn proud to be Canadian.

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  1. Danny

    How is it that you girls look younger as each week passes? Happy Canada Day!

    • Sangria Sisters

      Looks like the contract we signed with that nice fella Lucifer is working out!

  2. ken maclean

    It’s the easy summer living Danny. Proud to be Canadian!

  3. Bruce Menzies

    Well said Girlies. Have a Great Canada Day weekend in Swift.
    Where else would you want to be than at Frontier Dayz !!

    Cheers. Ladies!

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