The Summer Olympics ~ Sangria Style

As the 2016 Olympics comes to a close, the earth exhales a collective sigh of relief. Rio wasn’t nearly the shit-show we anticipated. Canada, with its girl power, placed respectably for a summer Olympics but we want more gold. Our new VIDEO illustrates a few events guaranteed to get the Sisters on the podium!

“Every Olympic event should include one average person competing…
for context.”

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  1. Carolyn Peters

    Oh my GAWD! That was hilarious! GIRL POWER! Thanks for making me laugh when I have the plague!

  2. Joanne Cave

    “O Canada…”
    You put those shots right where they should be.
    Brava! Brava!

  3. Bab and RossMaclean

    This is very cool. Well done and very entertaining.
    Bet you had fun making the video.

    Barbara and Ross

  4. Lisa

    10.5 from the Italian judge!
    Brilliant interpretation of the music
    A laugh out loud moment….
    Nice lines ladies
    Well seasoned atheletes

  5. Dawn Pighin

    That was awesome! LMAO

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