Where Is The Love

A terrible tragedy is happening. After seven school shootings this year alone, we’re getting desensitized. We weep, offer obligatory thoughts and prayers, but the mind-numbing shock is gone. A defense mechanism to protect us from drowning in our tears.

When the whole world is crazy it doesn’t pay to be sane. Terror attacks trigger ‘what if’ reactions, and there’s not enough ice cream on earth for that. In a Sangria world, the right to bare arms means finger pistols at dawn. Peww, peww!!

The world’s gone batshit crazy. We watch nervously as humanity Kim Jong-un’s itself. Ten thousand lb. vehicles split sidewalks like bowling pins. If your card-carrying initials contain three consecutive KKK’s, you better be be a Kardashian.

Mother Earth should check herself before she wrecks herself.

As Mom’s, we’ve worried about SIDS, curtain cords, matches, poison, and spiked fevers. We never dreamed we’d stress about sending our youngins to school, movie theaters, shopping malls, sporting events, and concerts.

Pull the military and marines out of the war zones. Send in a battalion of hormonal women, polishing off their third glass of wine. Tell them there’s no charcuterie plate on the menu. We’ll annihilate the enemy…with a shrill, high-octave rebel yell!

Tips to manage stress:

1. Don’t get trapped in trauma. There’s no need to know all the grisly details.

2. Minimize media exposure who replay the tragedy.

3. Focus on things you can control.

4. Have a disaster plan with your family.

5. Look for the heroes in every story.

6. Believe in the goodness that is humankind.

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  1. Jodi

    Omg. This is amazing. My thoughts exactly.

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