The Sangria Sisters Are Published Authors!

Years ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone by submitting a story to a popular mommy blog. The piece was a heart and soul love letter to our firstborn son who was about to graduate and move across the country. With no formal training and crippled with self-doubt, I waited two excruciating weeks before the rejection letter arrived. That’s it, I surmised, one and done. If my best effort wasn’t enough, why put myself out there again?

Life has a way of gently saying, “Smarten the fuck up.” When Wine, Women & Well-Being put out a call for submissions for the HER VOICE anthology, we dove right in. Now we find ourselves in not one, not two, but all three books. Proof that when opportunity knocks, answer the damn door!

The books are a collection of real and vulnerable short stories ideal for women on the go. The video below offers teasers and excerpts from Sisterhood, Motherhood, and Finding Yourself. The books make an excellent holiday gift and are available here on Amazon.

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  1. Julie roper

    Mega congratulations on being “published” Sangria Sisters!! While royally rewarding to be ‘officially’ recognized- you have long passed such a milestone with your loyal readers and loving friends. Keep the lively, welcome words a-comin’ !!
    -Julie roper xo

  2. Moira

    Awesome! Well deserved ❤️

  3. Ken MacLean

    As a long time reader and first time commenter, I need to say that I have seen incredible growth in the writing that speaks across genders with humor, intelligence and lots of hutzpah. More please.

  4. Laurie Fowke

    Congratulations Val and Lori!!
    Ordered one for myself and one for Lindsay. She needs some laughs right now with a colicky 1 1/2 month old:)

  5. Theresa Cassidy

    Lori and Val, Congratulations!!

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