Be Kind Muthaf#%$ers

After years of watching humanity implode,
Mother Earth deserves a new moral code,
Pandemics and politics up the wazoo,
The other side shitting on your point of view.

Like love from behind without romance or lube,
Both vaxxed and vulnerable spit out and chewed,
But what if we slightly softened our tone,
Stop typing in caps, toss the flip side a bone.

Campaign for manners to get back on track,
Worry less, smile more, stop talking smack,
Kill them with kindness, let’s bring back the joy,
Take respect on the road, a feelgood convoy.

Stand up for others, tell bullies to shoo,
Stand down to opinions that differ from you,
Be somebody who makes others feel heard,
We can do this team, go spread the good word!

Today is Val’s birthday and she has one wish,
Share acts of kindness and don’t be a bitch!

Random Acts of Kindness

1. Greeting Cards

Show your gratitude and support for health care workers by sending greeting cards to Virgin Radio:

2. Mealshare Monday

Order A&W’s Mealshare item (currently their Beyond Meat burger) on Monday’s. Or say “Make it a Mealshare” (for an extra $1) any day of the week, and turn dining out into helping out. A simple healthy meal will be provided to a youth in need!

3. Drivers for Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids

Volunteer drivers deliver a whopping 5,000 lunches daily to local schools, ensuring no hungry kids!

BB4CK positions available Monday – Thursday mornings. There are 3 start times on Monday and Wednesdays: 9:15am, 9:30am and 9:45am. Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am. All shifts end by 12:00pm. Requires a commitment of 2 shifts per month.

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  1. Bonnie

    Happy Birthday Val! Thanks for the encouragement to be kind. Some days it’s not so easy.

  2. Jodi

    Very inspiring. Love it. Thanks

  3. Ken MacLean

    Happy Birthday Valerie. No bitching here!

  4. Curt Klein

    Happy Birthday Val

  5. Nancy Hibbs

    Happiest of Birthday to you Val – keep spreading the love ❤️

  6. Barb

    Happy birthday Val! I love this post!

  7. Laurie Fowke

    Happy Birthday to a kind, generous, loving, hilarious pretty lady! Cheers to you Val!!

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